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Who are Our Authors?

Richard Walker

Chief Editor

Sound Publishing

Michael Pickard 

M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Dan Weedin

Business Entrepreneur

Business Coach


Fred Just



Ron Lamont

Retired DOD Manager


Professional Author

Richard Walker

Chief Editor

Sound Publishing

Richard Walker

Chief Editor

Sound Publishing

Our authors are successful in their careers in sports, entertainment or in business, they are political leaders, or get occasional media attention on their lifestyle, wealth, or controversial actions. Our authors are individuals or groups who the mass media refers to. They have the attention of the public.

What is Our Approach?

To bring new, exciting, relevant and engaging books to market is our passion and our mission. We work with our authors very closely to create high-quality literature presented in paperbacks, hardcovers, e-books, and audiobooks. We do not work with literary agents yet, so we have developed our own very elaborate vetting process when we sign up new authors.

Once we successfully negotiate a publishing agreement with a new author our team will create one or more galley books for the author. After the galley proof has been accepted we will create advance review copies for limited numbers of readers to create a buzz for the book. We will also run a pre-sales initiative and sell the book from our own store to create funds and additional buzz for future promotional activities. After we submit the book to our distributor Ingram the book will become available in bookstores and libraries worldwide. We will continue to work with our authors consistently to improve and promote the book.


Ingemar Anderson, CEO

Tim Meikle, VP

Barbara Anderson, VP

Rosie Brant, Finance

Seattle has become a new major player in the modern business world, so we're able to work closely with industry leaders and experts.

How to Contact Us?

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